Our D.I.Y Menu

You call the shot. We will roll with it.

At Maki-San, our customer select their favourite type of wrap, choose their preferred fillings, and then add delicious toppings and sauces to create their own masterpieces.

Basically, in just 5 simple steps, our diners can start create their own sushi or salad. They can also choose from variety of ready-to-go sushi and salad options.

Our Ingredients

Let’s get rollin’ with over 60 ingredients

No one can do D.I.Y better than us and by constantly offering fun and unexpected ingredients from all over the world to our customer; they can be as creative as they want to be.

With over 60 exciting ingredients to choose from, every roll is a new possibility. We also serve raw and grilled items, as well as unique ingredients brown rice for sushi, glass noodles for salad bases and chilli crab sauces to go with your maki.

Our House Items

Let’s get rollin’ with over 60 ingredients

Very Veggie

Nori Wrap ● Brown Rice
Asparagus ● Cucumber
Carrot ● Dried Cranberries
Takuan ● Sweet Plum

California Dreaming

Nori Wrap ● White Rice
Avacado ● Edamame ● Kani
Carrot ● Cucumber ● Tamago
Shishamoko ● Mayo

Salmon Says

Nori Wrap ● White Rice
Avacado ● Salmon ● Carrot
Cucumber ● Tamago
Shishamoko ● Wasabi Mayo

Maki Lemak

Nori Wrap ● White Rice
Boiled Egg ● Tempura Chicken
Roasted Peanut & Anchovies
Roasted Coconut Flakes
Cucumber ● Shiok Sambal

Burger Maki

Nori Wrap ● White Rice
Pickled Jalapenos ● Boiled Egg
Sliced Cheddar Cheese
Cucumber ● Tempura Crunch
Beef-Pork Patty ● Teriyaki

Mighty Meaty

Nori Wrap ● White Rice
Shredded Chicken
Bacon Bits ● Smoked Duck
Roasted Beef ● Cucumber
BBQ Sauce

So Green (Veg)

Mixed Lettuce ● Sweet Corn
Roasted Mixed Peppers
Cucumber ● Almond Flakes
Carrot ● Virgin Olive Oil

Quack Quack!

Sweet Potato Glass Noodles
Boiled Egg ● Carrot ● Cucumber
Sweet Corn ● Nori Strips
Smoked Duck ● Yuzu Sesame

Chicken Out!

Mixed Lettuce ● Asparagus
Teriyaki Chicken ● Sweet Corn
Carrot ● Almond Flakes
Edamame ● Sesame Sauce

Gone Fishing

Cold Pasta ● Shishamoko
Steamed Ebi ● Bonito Flakes
Smoked Salmon ● Sweet Corn
Kani ● Cheddar Cheese

Prosperity Salad
(Yu Sheng) 888円

Sweet Potato Glass Noodles
Cucumber ● Carrot ● Takuan
Kani ● Tempura Crunch
Smoked Salmon ● Sweet Plum

Eel’s Good

Wakame Quinoa & Mixed Lettuce
Boiled Egg ● Edamame ● Kani
Carrot ● Sweet Corn ● Nori Strips
Grilled Unagi ● Shiok Sambal